5 Marketing Tips from Pizza Restaurants

There are more than 270 million cell-phone users in the U.S., and most of them admit to never leaving home without their phone. With that many people walking around with their mobile phone, it is time to get smart about mobile marketing efforts and engaging customers through an outlet they always take to go.

In recent years, the pizza industry emerged as the leader and innovator in mobile marketing. The industry used mobile solutions to maximize sales, drive consumers to place orders, and deliver initiatives that were on-brand and relevant to core customers.

It’s time for other restaurants to join the bandwagon and use the power of mobile to increase sales. Lucky for marketers, pizza chains have done the heavy lifting in creating some great, innovative ideas. Here are some mobile marketing tips to take from the pizza chains. Mobile Subscription List Retailers can utilize mobile subscriber lists the same way they use e-mail or direct mail. Customers who subscribe to any of the chain’s SMS messaging campaigns receive alerts for sponsored events, promotions, and giveaways, keeping them in the loop for the latest happenings.

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  1. Lets just call it the pizza way

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