Building Trust with SMS Marketing

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Perhaps nothing is as important — and needs to be protected as strongly — as your customers’ trust. It’s key to retaining valuable customers over the long term. Because SMS marketing delivers your messages to people on their most private devices (their cell phones), building proactive consumer privacy practices into your SMS marketing program is essential for your mobile marketing — and, in general, your brand’s — success.


Privacy Matters More Than Ever in the Mobile Channel

The public has long been inundated with advertising and we’re all pretty tired of online pop-up ads and email inboxes full of spam. Emails and online ads are less trusted today than direct SMS messages (and mobile display ads) because the mobile environment hasn’t yet been polluted with intrusive ads that disrespect users’ privacy. The key word here is “yet” — if we want to continue developing this last great opportunity in marketing, and take advantage of all that mobile promises, as marketers we need to establish a trusted environment where the users’ needs and privacy are at the forefront.

This is something that consumers are demanding today. Their cell phone numbers are one of their most heavily guarded pieces of information. Besides seeing their cell phones as very personal devices, most consumers know that their mobile phones can identify them as individuals and even pinpoint their whereabouts.

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