Mobile Coupons: Selling in 160 Characters or Less

Mobile Coupons 4 Restaurants

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When you’re promoting your company via text message, you’ve got exactly 160 characters to get your message across. You can’t afford to waste your time and money sending texts that don’t provide value.

Each message should accomplish one of two things. Either it should be a useful piece of information in itself, such as a breaking news update, or it should lead the customer to something useful elsewhere, like a link to a mobile website. If you don’t accomplish one or both of these ends, your customers will start opting out of your lists with a vengeance.

The first type of messages, texts that are useful in themselves, need to be carefully targeted. For example, if your lead list includes both consumers and business owners, don’t send information that’s useful only for small businesses to the entire group – you’re wasting your consumer customers’ time. Instead, construct sub-lists by using multiple keywords and encourage your customers to sign up for the most appropriate group or groups.

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