Develop an Ongoing SMS Mobile Coupon Program

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There are many examples of SMS marketing campaigns that were successful at least partially because of their text message marketing coupons or offers. These single campaigns offer great benchmarking opportunities and examples for executing single SMS marketing campaigns, but how do you develop an ongoing SMS marketing coupon program? And is it worth the trouble? Below are a few considerations for developing your mobile coupon program.

Why You Should Develop a Mobile Coupon Strategy

Everyone loves a good deal, particularly an exclusive one. By offering mobile coupons exclusively and regularly to your mobile subscriber list, you increase affinity for your brand.

An SMS marketing coupon program can also provide loyalty information and customer data you might not find elsewhere. For example, which types of coupons were most attractive to your customers? When did the majority of your customers redeem your coupons? Where (or at which outlets) did your customers shop the most? An SMS coupon program can immediately give you greater insight into what motivates your core customers.

Text Message Marketing Frequency

How often should you send SMS marketing messages to your customers? This answer will depend on how often your opt-in subscribers want to receive your messages. If you capture such information in your mobile marketing list sign-up forms or do customer surveys, you’ll get a good idea of how frequently you should send your SMS messages and offers.

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