9 Text Marketing Ideas That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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Text message marketing is not just a great way to attract prospects… it can also help you keep in touch with your customers and make your product or service “stickier.” If you’re continually adding value through regular text message updates, you accomplish two things. First, you make your customers want to stay subscribed to your text marketing lists and even to refer other people. Second, you bring your company to the front of your customer’s minds on a regular basis… which means that when they’re ready to purchase again, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Here are a few campaigns that you can send to your customers to keep them interested.

Product updates

This works great with technology offerings or anything else that is updated regularly. Any time you have a new version of a product or a product update, text your customers with a quick breakdown and a link to a page on your mobile site, where you can go into more detail.

Internal updates

Why not keep your “internal customers” updated as well? Encourage your employees to sign up for text updates and you can notify them of company events, intranet updates, reminders to turn in time cards, etc.

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