6 Ways To Make Your SMS Marketing More Viral

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SMS marketing has a high viral quotient — people enjoy forwarding great offers or interesting news to their friends, and they can do so easily and directly with their cell phones. Because viral marketing can exponentially increase your brand awareness and help you achieve other marketing objectives, it pays to maximize as much as possible the likelihood of your customers to pass along your SMS marketing texts. Below are a few ideas for making your text message marketing more viral.

1. Always Include a “Share with a friend” Prompt

It’s easy to overlook this basic rule, but having that message or request for the recipient to share your text with a friend can make all the difference in whether the message will be shared. Just like the popular Facebook and Twitter buttons on websites, a visible reminder to spread the word will increase the likelihood of your campaign going viral.

One of the 7 success factors in mobile viral marketing identified in a multi-case research study a few years ago was “perceived ease of use” — how much the person believes that forwarding the mobile message would be effortless. SMS is one of the simplest forwarding mechanisms.

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