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Using QR codes in your offline marketing will allow you to leverage your investment in offline media to build your online reach.

Quick response codes (QR codes) seem to be everywhere. In fact, according to JumpScan, QR code scanning increased 1,200 percent from July to December 2010, with 57 percent of Twitter and Facebook users reporting they scanned at least one QR code in the past year.

It’s no wonder, then, that these two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes, which can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information, offer you immediate access to what’s relevant.

A quick scan using your iPhone, Android, or other camera-enabled smartphone activates your phone functions such as e-mail, IM, and SMS, or connects the mobile device to a Web browser.

You might have used a QR code to check in for your flight on United, pay for your Starbucks coffee, locate a business on Google Maps, or get more information at a library or retail store.

But how can QR codes help your business? They are perfect for an opportunity you have to connect people using their mobile phones with digital content. Include a quick sign-up page for opt-in e-mail on each landing page and encourage visitors to sign up to receive e-mail updates.

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