50% of web traffic will come through mobile devices within 5 years

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We’ll help you creating strategies for building a database of local consumers that will want to quickly receive your offerings. We understand that your primary responsibility is to run your business, not spend countless hours trying to understand mobile communicative methods. It is estimated that by 2015 one out of every three businesses in America will have a mobile marketing program.

Mobile Web Usage Is Exploding

If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, or a mobile search campaign, or really anything mobile in your marketing mix, you are officially late to the party.

A recent Internet Trends presentation by Morgan Stanley forecasted that “50% of web traffic will come through mobile devices within 5 years.” In fact, based on the rate of adoption, it is projected that the number of users accessing the Web via mobile devices will exceed desktop devices by 2014. A column I wrote at the end of last year cited 2009 as the year mobile search took off. And, I think my concluding statement in that column appears to be proving true: “And if 2009 was the year that mobile took off, look for 2010 and beyond to be the years that mobile search reaches its pinnacle.” All of the research and data points surrounding mobile Web adoption rates seem to signal that not only will mobile search be exploding, so too will all forms of mobile Web activities.

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