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Low cost Walnut Floor Refinishing: Newark. In case you are searching for the perfect walnut hardwood floor refinishing business in Newark, New Jersey, then you are in luck. Our skilled and experienced wood flooring refinishers will go out of their way to make your wood floors begin looking amazing. We do reasonably priced refinishing with top notch, top quality work. Our devotion to beautiful hardwood refinishing as well as our low-cost pricing has earned us a reputation as the best wood flooring refinishers in the Newark, New Jersey location. If you might like a price for just about any variety of wood floor refinishing job, just simply complete our easy contact form below, tell us about your wood floor needs.


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If you need a vinyl floor installer in Harding Township NJ, you will be able to depend on APC Hardwood Floor to conduct a quality job at an economical price. We take our vinyl jobs extremely seriously, and we are committed to superior customer service. We realize there are a few other local vinyl flooring layers you may choose to hire and shall sincerely value the opportunity to surpass your expectations and evolve into your principal vinyl floor installation technician. We have built a solid reputation for being the most reliable, efficient, dependable, and affordable vinyl flooring company.

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HARDWOOD FLOOR INSTALLATION SERVICES. Get Your Hardwood Floor Franklin Lakes Estimate Today, We Offer Expert Install And Reasonable Pricing. Hardwood floor installation Franklin Lakes specialist, adds beauty and quality to your home.Hardwood floors will give your room an all natural, classic look and feel when done properly. Hardwood floor installation will also increase the re-sale value of your house. The many arguments people select Franklin Lakes’s professional hardwood floor installation as opposed to tile or carpet: Wide variety – Hardwood floors provide you with maximum alternatives in appearance. There are lots of colors, styles, stains, and species available.

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Beyond Email: 17 Easy Techniques to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

QR codes are a great, interactive way to keep your customers engaged. Try placing them on business cards, PowerPoint presentations, or on your marketing collateral. The codes can link to your website, blog, or even You Tube videos – ensuring your audience can access your business’ information no matter where they are.


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Beyond Email: 17 Easy Techniques to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing | Manta Marketing Center.

Steady Gains for Mobile Paid Search – eMarketer


Nearly one in four paid clicks came from a mobile device in Q4

There is no question that mobile search advertising is on the rise: Recent analysis by The Search Agency found that in the US the share of paid clicks coming from smartphone and tablet devices nearly doubled between Q4 2011 and Q4 2012. Tablets’ share grew especially rapidly, and accounted for nearly 10% of the market in Q4 2012. Overall, 23.4% of paid clicks came from mobile devices last quarter.


Steady Gains for Mobile Paid Search – eMarketer.

Digital coupons help build buzz for new products


Brands launching products could get a significant bump in consumer awareness and purchase intent by running digital-coupon campaigns, research suggests. An online coupon campaign boosted brand recall by between 7.2% and 36.3%, depending on the product category, and increased total purchases by as much as 16.6%.


MediaPost Publications Digital Coupons Impact New Product Awareness, Brand Recall 05/09/2013.

6 Tips for Taking Your Video Ad Content Mobile

If it wasn’t already, mobile is officially ready for its close up.

On Wednesday, Facebook reported that for the first three months of this year it generated $375 million in revenue from mobile ads. That accounted for 30 percent of the company’s first-quarter ad revenue, up from 23 percent over the same period a year ago.

What’s more, an April report from eMarketer on mobile advertising showed digital ad spending hit the $4.14 billion mark in 2012, doubling the levels of 2011. And while digital advertising encompasses personal computers, smartphones and tablets, the growth is quickening in the mobile sector, which is up 112.4 percent so far this year as opposed to a 35 percent increase in online viewing.

As both the video and mobile markets continue to heat up, young entrepreneurs keen on building buzz around their companies need to consider how to repurpose their video ads to play nicer with mobile formats. Here are six tips on making videos more digestible for mobile:


6 Tips for Taking Your Video Ad Content Mobile | YoungEntrepreneur.com.

Mobile Isn’t for B2B or B2C, It’s for Everyone


The other day I was having a discussion about mobile with a friend who works for a large B2B brand. I was explaining my opinion that mobile is one of the most important considerations for your modern digital marketing mix and you couldn’t possibly overvalue it at this point. My friend pushed back and said something along the lines of: “Well, we’re B2B so mobile doesn’t really matter to us.” Of course, I responded noting that mobile is not a “B2B” or “B2C” thing, it’s simply how the world functions and there is expectation of a great experience with your brand across all devices.

It dawned on me that this is a parallel to the rapid growth of social years ago. It’s easy to recall a day most conservative business brands were scoffing at using tools like blogs, Twitter, and other social sites as channels to reach their audiences because they either didn’t take the tools seriously or simply didn’t understand how to use them for marketing purposes. Similar to social, however, most marketers are now seeing the value and increasing their budgets here in 2013.



Mobile Isn’t for B2B or B2C, It’s for Everyone | ClickZ.